Monday, 25 February 2013

Nassarawa State University Shuts down due to death of Four students by security operatives


Following the brutal murder of four students by soldiers who were brought in quell a campus protest, Nassarawa State University has been shut down.
The students had embarked on the action, which was in its third day, to protest water scarcity.
Police sources in the State said that the soldiers killed the four students in a "fracas," and the university authorities announced the closure soon after the tragedy.
The Nigerian Army is known for using brutal tactics to suppress peaceful protesters, a fact that is well-known to university administrators nationwide.  By inviting them, they seemed to have given tacit approval to the use of such force to confront unarmed students engaged in a peaceful protest.

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View Goldie's Burial Pics

ID Ogungbe,Julius Agwu and Jimmy Jatt
Pictures:Captured by CKN Nigeria

Goldie's Body

Goldie's Body After the dust to dust

Mr Harvey
Denrele who was with Goldie as She died being led away

Julius Agwu and Keke Ogungbe
Mayor Akinpelu,Keke,Kunle Bakare

Denrele leaning on the grave yard

Goldie's Funeral programme

Gateway Into the Cemetery

Goldie's Husband ,Mr Harvey