Monday, 12 March 2012

18 fresh graduates of Imo state university lost their lives

I'm sure you've all heard. On March 8th, 2012, 18 fresh graduates of Imo State University all died in a fatal road accident, while on their way to Taraba State for their National Youth Service Corps.

The students all got their call up letters late from their university on Thursday March 8th and in a bid to catch up with other corpers, as registration was closing yesterday Friday March 9th, they chartered a small bus on Thursday night to convey them to their orientation Camp. Unfortunately, they didn't get there. They all died on their way. So sad.

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  1. What a great loss to the families and loves ones of these supposed great people, how can they be consoled? May it not happen again, May God help to control our driver to avoid reckless driving "Road safety to introduce Alcohol testing on our highways and do proper checking on commercial vehicles" maybe this will help. May Almighty Jah. give the families and love ones fortitude to bear the loss and protect we that are still living.
    From Ayo Dad.