Monday, 18 February 2013

Majid Michel to guest star on Tinsel

Ghanaian leading man Majid Michel will be joining the star-studded Tinsel cast from Tuesday February 19. He will be playing himself in the dramatic soap that is broadcast every day (Monday to Friday) at 7:30 PM on AfricaMagic Entertainment.
Asked why he took on a Tinsel guest role, Majid’s answer is both emotional and practical.
“A long time ago, I realized that my acting is not only about myself, it’s an extension of many things that I hope for in our industry. So I made up my mind to extend myself to film projects that improve our movie making prospects within the continent. I believe that this can also inspire young actors coming behind me. Tinsel is a typical reflection of that, after all, its’ one of the most successful soaps out of Nigeria.”

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